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Adjustable rear camber arms (W208) MBA-208-ARCA
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Available Finishes

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Product Description

Bragging Rights for Racers

These camber arms can lower your 0-60 time and increase your control.

When a record-holding drag racer installed these camber arms on his C55, he lowered his 60 foot times from 1.8-1.9 to 1.6. (The camber arms were the only modification.)

How else can you see such impressive gains for so little?

Peace of Mind for the Rest of Us

More control when driving. These camber arms are designed to fix the extreme camber problems that occur when you lower a Mercedes. The arms can be extended as much as 1 3/8" to get the rear tires back to their original, vertical position, which puts more of the tire on the road. More control, no matter what the conditions.

And if you tend towards spirited driving, the adjustable camber arms will give your rear suspension a more precise feel by eliminating the give from the factory rubber bushings.

With these camber arms, you will notice an immediate and marked improvement in the way that your car handles.

More money in your pockets. When your tire has camber, the inner edge of the tire wears out faster than the rest of the tire.

With more tire surface on the road, you can reduce the wear and tear on your tires and save thousands of dollars on tires over the life of your vehicle.


Have this part installed by a professional.

You need to realign your car when you adjust the camber.


The camber arms are available in the following finishes:

  • Hard anodized black
  • Polished aluminum


1" diameter 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum

Race-grade chromoly rod ends

  • Ball specifications
    • Heat Treated alloy steel
    • Hard Chrome Plated
  • Race specifications
    • Self-lubricating Teflon/Kevlar race

The MB Arts adjustable rear camber arms have several advantages over the stamped steel units from the factory:

  • MB Arts adjustable rear camber arms are lighter and stronger than the OEM arms.
  • MB Arts adjustable rear camber arms use bushings that last longer than the OEM rubber bushings. And if the rod ends wear out, you can replace them without replacing the entire camber arm.

A Public Service Announcement

MB Arts camber arms are not the cheapest camber arms on the market, and there's a reason for that. Many of the lower priced camber arms use inexpensive, hollow threaded aluminum or steel tubes, rather than a more expensive, solid T6061-T6 aluminum bar. Threaded tubes are made for sprint cars, not road use. And threaded tubes do not have the same strength rating that is required for daily drivers, which are heavier than sprint cars.

In addition, threaded tubes are designed to collapse upon moderate impact to prevent damage to expensive suspension components. By using a threaded tube, you put yourself and your car at risk when doing something as common as driving over a pothole.

Any sprint car parts company will tell you that threaded tubes are not made for street use. So think about how you'll use any camber arms that you purchase.